Have you ever looked at the world and thought, “It’s not supposed to be this way?”
We think God agrees.

We believe the good God who made all things desires them to flourish, and that He is looking for people to show His glory to the world by changing things for the better.

That’s why we’re here, to provide resources and experiences to help people and churches become “outposts” of a faith that changes the world.

Over the next several months, Outpost Church Ministries will be transitioning from our previous mission as a local church to a new mission as a resourcing and encouragement ministry. We’ll be offering teaching for people, training for teams, tools to grow you deeper and events to lift you higher.

We invite you to check out our Devotional Blog below, take a look at our Teaching & Resources section, and sign up for our occasional newsletter if you’d like to hear about events and opportunities coming your way.

Finally, building out a ministry takes time and money, and we’d love it if you’d consider supporting the mission through prayer and giving.

Thanks for visiting the site, and we hope we get to help you become and outpost of the Kingdom of God!



Devotional Blog

Choose wisely

“A kingdom divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24) Beware the temptation of two visions for your life. It may seem like you can be wholeheartedly committed to God while still embracing the values of the world, but you cannot. It may seem like you can truly love Jesus while refusing to give up behaviors that break His commands and break His heart, but you cannot. If you want to live, you must choose: choose your values, choose your allegiance, choose your king. You can...

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Jesus brings people together

"While He was reclining at the table in Levi's house, many tax collectors and sinners were reclining together with Jesus and His disciples." (Mark 2:15a) Jesus reached out to those people who the religious elite ignored, and "those people" reached right back. But notice that it is not only Jesus who spends time with those deemed, "morally questionable" by polite society. His disciples do, too. Following Jesus is not a competitive sport. It is a come-as-you-are feast, and if we have been...

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Good News

"The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!" (Mark 1:15) Most scholars point to Mark as the earliest written account of the life of Jesus. In this first chapter of this oldest narrative of Jesus, what is the first thing He says? Good news – God has triumphed at last. Our word "gospel" (from the Greek "euangelion") is often translated as good news because it is. Yet, it is not just any general happy announcement, but a very specific kind....

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He is with you still

“Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) When you are following Jesus’ commission, He is with you, and when you are not, He is with you still. When you love as Christ has loved you, He is with you, and when you love only yourself or even nothing and no one at all, He is with you still. When you live a life that looks like heaven, He is with you, and when you live a life that looks like hell, He is with you still. Make no mistake, not everyone is blessed with the...

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Jesus wins

“‘You have a guard of soldiers,’ Pilate told them. ‘Go and make [Jesus’ tomb] as secure as you know how.’” (Matthew 27:65) From this time until today, people have been trying to resist the resurrection as firmly, as forcefully, as securely as they know how… But it is not enough. Resurrection always wins. Jesus always wins. We may try to hold Him off with our excuses, but Jesus is patient and persistent as He draws our hearts to His. Others may try to constrain and contain His people, but we...

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He loves you still

“Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a noble thing for me.” (Matthew 26:10) It’s easy to criticize the way other people express their love for Jesus. It’s easy to question the sincerity or propriety or wisdom when they do things differently than we do But Jesus looks at the heart, and knows who is truly devoted to Him and who is not. Jesus knew the person most concerned about the money this woman was “wasting” was actually stealing money for himself. Jesus knows when those who are...

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Do you care about the Christians?

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40) “Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” (Matthew 12:50) Jesus certainly cares about kindness to the poor and needy in general, but that is not His greatest concern in this passage from Matthew 25. His litmus test for identifying those who truly belong to Him and who are welcome in His kingdom is not merely “How did we treat...

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Law and Love

“Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12) We often separate thoughts of law and thoughts of love, as if they are completely separate things. However, they are not. Love is a steadfast commitment to the greatest good of its object. It is a willingness to seek what is best over what is merely good, to trade short-term happiness for long-term wholeness. Done right, love is motivated from within, out of a heart that truly cares. But human hearts do not...

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Who cares who sees?

"They do everything to be seen by others." (Matthew 23:5a) "[Daniel], has your God, whom you continually serve, been able to rescue you?" (Daniel 6:20b) Jesus denounced the Pharisees because their greatest motive in serving God was for people to see them and regard them well. Darius the Old Testament King was astounded at Daniel because his greatest motive was to simply serve God for God's own sake, even though if people saw Daniel's devotion he would face terrible consequences. If you're...

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When questions aren’t sincere

"One of them, an expert in the Law, asked [Jesus] a question to test him." (Matthew 22:35) Some people ask questions, not to gain greater enlightenment, but to try and prove how enlightened they already are. They are not humble learners, but proud showoffs seeking attention from others and smug satisfaction for themselves. And yet, Jesus still answers. One man questioned Jesus, wanting simply to justify himself, but Jesus still responded to his question. Why? Because Jesus wanted to give him a...

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Series Messages

Jesus was a master storyteller, and His parables captured the attention of His world. But what about us? What do these stories of Jesus mean for us today? Join us…
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