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Law and Love

by | Jan 25, 2020 | Devotionals | 0 comments

“Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12)

We often separate thoughts of law and thoughts of love, as if they are completely separate things. However, they are not.

Love is a steadfast commitment to the greatest good of its object. It is a willingness to seek what is best over what is merely good, to trade short-term happiness for long-term wholeness. Done right, love is motivated from within, out of a heart that truly cares.

But human hearts do not truly care 100% of the.

This is where law steps in. Law enters the place where the heart says, “I don’t care“ and says in return, “Oh, but you must, for the good of us all.”

Law provides both a framework for how to seek the greatest good together and a motivation for why it matters that we do. In this, it is actually an aid to the kind of big-picture and long-term thinking that love requires.

This means that in times and places were law is disregarded, love pays the price. Love suffers because without law in place to restrain our darker impulses, human beings tend to spiral downward and focus inward towards only what feels good for themselves. To be sure, some lack love even when law is intact, and some will still love regardless of the social climate, but by and large, they work together well.

So, seek love and value law. They keep us moving forward towards good.