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People and Pigs

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Devotionals | 0 comments

–from Matthew 8:28-34

Not everybody wants to see things change.

When Jesus brought healing and wholeness to the region of the Gadarenes, demons fled and one would think this would be good news to everyone.

But it wasn’t.

Most people hadn’t been directly affected by the evil among them. Most people weren’t concerned about the ones whose lives had been ruined. Most people were content with the status quo because it was pretty good for them, and as for their unfortunate neighbors…apparently they just didn’t care.

Then Jesus showed up, and it cost them something. The price of deliverance for the demonized people was the loss of a herd of pigs. While the residents of the town had learned to ignore the plight of their neighbors, losing income got their attention.

And they sent Jesus away.

More concerned with pigs than people, with personal gain than community wholeness, the residents of the town decided that if Jesus’ freedom was going to cost them something, they simply weren’t interested.

Which person are you in the story?

Are you the one in need of deliverance who can’t do a thing for themselves? Are you the one whose presence brings healing and help to those in need of a change? Are you one of those who resist the change because you’ve accepted the way things are?

Which person do you want to be?