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Choose wisely

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Devotionals | 0 comments

“A kingdom divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24)

Beware the temptation of two visions for your life.

It may seem like you can be wholeheartedly committed to God while still embracing the values of the world, but you cannot.

It may seem like you can truly love Jesus while refusing to give up behaviors that break His commands and break His heart, but you cannot.

If you want to live, you must choose: choose your values, choose your allegiance, choose your king.

You can try to make peace between the values of the world and the values of God’s word, between allegiance to what feels good and allegiance to what is good, between your self as king or queen and Jesus as King of your life.

You can try.

And you will fail.

So, choose wisely, and live.