“Vision-driven, Elder led”
We operate under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and follow the vision He gave Pastor Phillip.   This provides a clarity and consistency that keeps us from drifting away from our central purpose: to drive back the darkness by building and becoming outposts of the Kingdom of God.
As we grow, we will appoint qualified elders to help manage the affairs of the church and ensure that the Vision is pursued in Scripturally sound and strategically prudent ways.  Additionally, elders will provide balanced perspectives and church discipline as needed.


Some churches are “denominational.” They choose to define themselves by one main group with whom they affiliate and to whom they are accountable.
Some churches are “nondenominational.” They choose to define themselves by NOT being affiliated with anybody.
Since the people of outpostChurch represent many different backgrounds, we call ourselves an interdenominational church.  Rather than being defined by what we are not, we want to be known by what we are:  FOR the Church.
>> To learn more, CLICK HERE to meet our Mission Partners, including the Southern Baptist Convention, with whom we gladly partner for ministry…